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What does G P P stand for ?? (General Physical Preparedness)

The Vision behind GPP Program
Amy Doing Kipping Pull-ups.

GPP is a specialized group fitness class focused on teaching the mechanics of the Olympic lifts and training our clients with metabolic conditioning based workouts. We are providing the community the opportunity to learn and develop strength, while in a fun and safe environment. This style of working out certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is becoming more and more popular and we think for good reason! Items used in a class: Kettlebells, Barbells, Medicine Balls, Pull-ups, Rope Ascent, Gymnastic Rings, GHD, Plyo Boxes and more!

Who teaches GPP? 
We think our clients deserve only the best! Come on by and meet our coaches:

•Amy Paul

USA Weightlifting I, II Advanced Sports Performance Coach,
FMT I & II, Crossfit L1, Crossfit  Gymnastic Specialist

•Annie Rench

USA Weightlifting I, II Advanced Sports Performance Coach, 
 Crossfit L1, ACE PT

•Shad Spreiter
USA Weightlifting I, II Advanced Sports Performance Coach, ACE PT

•Tim McElroy

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach,
Crossfit L1, Crossfit Gymnastics Specialist

•Zach Trumbauer   
ACE CPT, ACE CGFI, Weightlifting Specialist

Greg Midzak  Crossfit L1, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, EMT  Certified

Your GPP Coach will place heavy emphasis on 
teaching/learning proper body mechanics, 
foundational olympic movements, as well as movements for increased mobility and injury prevention. 

We would love to introduce you to the sport of Olympic Lifting and teach you what
strength and conditioning can do for YOU!!

What is GPP Oly?
This class is specifically designed to focus on the breakdown of the fundamental movements
of the varying Olympic and Power Lifts used in GPP WOD

Workout "Terminology"
WOD - Workout of the Day
AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible
EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute
As RX'd - As prescribed (the suggested weight or parameter for a given movement)
Metcon - Metabolic Conditioning
DU - Double Under