Kids XT

Kids fitness.

KIDS XT (cross training) CLASSES ARE AWESOME!!
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KIDS XT is a paid Group Training.

You can drop them off or stay and work out while they are in class. These classes are designed with KIDS in mind. They are taught proper lifting techniques and are offered opportunity to increase their strength, flexibility and speed: which will in turn reduce the risk of injury in varying sports. This class is for EVERYONE. Sports, no sports...we want these kids to feel successful and to be healthy and fit for life!

Physical inactivity among youth has become a major public health concern. Adopting a physically active lifestyle is essential to the long-term health and well-being of all youth. The lifestyles of today’s youth have undergone enormous change. Television, computers and video games have replaced many of the physical activities children once enjoyed. So when we discuss our children, we often hear words like ‘obesity’, ‘heart disease’, ‘high blood pressure’ and ‘diabetes’.

Along with sport specific training other topics covered in detail are:
  • Safety guidelines
  • Teaching youth effective exercise 
  • Medicine ball workouts
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Dumbbell exercises
Youth fitness.

We offer Youth Personal training as well as FAMILY memberships