Shad Spreiter

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I became a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach after discovering how much the quality of my life improved through my own fitness journey.  I'm dedicated to working on my own goals, and have developed a passion for helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals as well.  I have a varied athletic background having participated in several sports including football, baseball, track and field, golf, weightlifting and long distance running.

My approach with clients is based on individual needs and desires.  Whether it's weight loss, athletic performance; strength and conditioning; mobility or otherwise, I design and implement a program intended to fit your specific goals.  I believe it's important to have a fun while working on fitness goals and I strive to create an enjoyable experience for my clients. 

With an advanced certification from USA Weightlifting, I specialize in Olympic Weightlifting movements (snatch, clean & jerk), but I'm also ACE Certified and love training a variety of styles and methods of fitness.

I have a full-time job outside the gym as an Operations Manager for a local radio station group, but happily spend many of my off hours at NIAC coaching GPP Classes as well as Personal Training.



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