Jordan Pastras

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Hey, I’m Jordan Pastras and I am a fitness professional here at NIAC. I am a certified NASM personal trainer with my degree being Trainer Jordan
nutrition. I am 
currently preparing myself for physical therapy school and that shows with my style of training. I love where I work and I greatly enjoy the fact that others look forward to their sessions when they are training with me. I provide a lot of knowledge during individual sessions with heavy focus on prehab, joint mobilizations, specific muscle structure activation, kinesiology, rehab, and resistance training. My joy is definitely helping others feel to better; that is my number one goal!

I am from Post Falls, Idaho so I’ve always been in or around the state of Idaho. NIAC is such a great atmosphere for all types of trainees; we have such a tight knit community feel and I notice how that directly translates over to our new members in helping them feel comfortable in the gym. I look forward to coming in contact with you so we can set up our new plan for success! Your days of no more pain is right around the corner!

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