Nick Magro

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Creating goals with people and making them happy is something that inspires me every day to wake up and live life. I love to see Trainer Nickpeople succeed. More so I love to see people want to change their lifestyle for the better. I get a sense of self gratitude when I put someone threw a workout program and they come out the other side with a more positive, energetic attitude that cares over to there every day way of living. Most people that come to me for help are fixed minded, its then my turn to show them that everything should be looked at as a challenge and not a threat. In my mind the key to being successful is being growth minded. By using tools like goal setting, imagery and self-talk you can change someone’s way of thinking for the better. Being a successful physique competitor, I know the hard work and discipline that goes into changing ones mindset and body. The physical transformation begins in the mind.

Having participated in college athletics, I understand the motivation that comes from working in a group dynamic. I enjoy instructing group HIIT classes and core training classes. 

If you’re looking for a quiet trainer who will make sure you’re always comfortable, then look for someone else. But if you want to learn proper fundamental movements, push yourself to do things you never thought you could, and become comfortable doing uncomfortable things we should work together!



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