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Hello, my name is Travis Seltenreich. As a high school student, I struggled with feeling overweight and uncertain in my own body. It took Travis Seltenreichyears for me to understand the basics of strength and conditioning that not only shifted my physique, but inspired a lifestyle change.

I was born and raised in Idaho with a passion for community development through the power of fitness. I compete in powerlifting, mountain bike races, and love anything to do with outdoor recreation.

For over 8 years I have been a strength and conditioning coach here at NIAC, where I have focused on introducing strength and conditioning techniques for competitive sports, as well as rehab facilitation for injuries. My goal is to help every client feel inspired to reach greater heights in everything they do. That journey starts with feeling confident in foundational skills that build physical and mental strength.

I graduated with a degree in Physical Education (Exercise Science and Health) from the University of Idaho and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, along with credentials as a USAPL Club Coach and USAPL Idaho State Referee.

Strength and conditioning training starts with the integration of foundational movement that pushes the line of success. My coaching techniques are what deliver optimal results for competitive sports and injury rehabilitation outcomes by bringing the focus back to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. With attentive coaching and performance goals in mind, I empower clients to trust the movements of their own body.

Sports are an integral part of our community here in Moscow, Idaho. It is what drives mental fortitude and enhances physical strength for those who live here. Through every session, I encourage the individuals I work with to master the foundational structure of advanced techniques in a way that enhances motor skills and expands possibility. Adults? Teenagers? YOU NAME IT AND I WILL TRAIN THEM! I am passionate about training the fundamentals in weight lifting technique. I want to see each and every client succeed, no matter the goal. If it's your goal, it's my goal.


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