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NIAC fosters a friendly and supportive environment. Go at your own pace, participate in a class or work with a personal trainer. We will meet you wherever you are and help you reach YOUR next fitness level.

From Spin to Yoga to Step, we offer a little of everything! GroupX classes are included with your membership.

An orientation session with a personal trainer comes with each new membership! Let us show you around.

We have stand-up and lay-down beds available at competitive rates. Membership not required.

What makes us different

GPP is a specialized strength and conditioning group class available with Premium Membership.

We offer supervised free play in a fun and safe environment for your child(ren) while you workout!

These local independent businesses offer special discounts to NIAC members. Use them!

is one of the things we do best

Each of our trainers will be able to help you identify your individual goals. Our trainers come with vast experience in weight-loss, athletic development, strength development, body building and physique competitions.


Member Comments

We think NIAC is a great place to be. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what some of our members have to say.

Everyday I have the opportunity to step into NIAC, I find myself thankful for Amy Paul and her vision. The quintessential gym to free the mind of trouble, fill the soul, and build a muscle or two, NIAC is my medicine away from the mountains. The friendly staff, the multitude of classes and the access to professional advice offers something for everyone. As a healthcare provider, this year more than any, I have been overly impressed with the amount of care the team spends on cleanliness; the place sparkles. At half a century old, my health, like so many gym goers, is dear to me in order to do the the things I love: skiing, backpacking, climbing, rafting, and whatever other crazy adventure my grown children take me on. At 102 years of age, a man named George Jedenoff still skis, and my friends and I just missed meeting him last year at Snowbird, Utah. He’ll turn 103 this next July. George started his daily training regiment at 70 years of age (you can check George out on YouTube); it’s never too late to start. A special thanks to Amy for keeping the dream alive for all of us. Me? Well, according to Mr. Jedenoff’s philosophy: I’ve got another 50+ years to ski (my favorite pastime) – nothing left to do but get on with the workout . . . 🙂

scott nelson

Skier, Community Member, Healthcare Provider