Membership Add-Ons

We offer clients a range of benefits at reasonable and competitive prices. Take maximum advantage of your club membership by adding any or all of the following services. Talk to the front desk if you have questions. Your body will thank you!

Personal Training

Our trainers are real people with real expertise and they want you to succeed!

Massage Therapy

Relax, re-align and rejuvenate! Experienced professionals can design a plan specific to your needs.

Kid Care

We offer supervised free play in a fun and safe environment for your child(ren) while you workout!


We have stand-up and lay-down beds available at competitive rates. Membership not required.

Towel Service

We provide clean laundered sweat towels and cleaning towels as part of your membership. Need a shower towel? We offer those from our front desk for $5/month or just 50 cents per single use.

Locker Rental

We have many Day Use lockers in and outside of the locker rooms. If you prefer to keep some toiletries and shoes at the gym, sign up for a locker rental! A half locker is $5/month; a full length locker is $10/month.