Moscow Mayhem
GPP Competition
April 27, 2024
Location: NIAC 408 S. Main St, Moscow, Idaho 83843

Athlete Briefing @ 8:30am
First Heat @ 9:00am

Cost: $65.00

Moscow Mayhem Movement Standards 2024

Workout #1 “Just 4 Movements”

(15 min time cap)


Box Jumps Rx: 24/20” box, Scaled: 24/20” Step-ups
The athlete must start on the ground, and a completed rep will be rewarded when the athlete is standing on top of the box, with knees and hips extended. 

Two-foot takeoff is required for RX (scaled may step up to the top of the box)

Back Squats Rx: #135/85 lbs, Scaled: #95/65
The bar will begin on the ground. Athlete will need to get the bar to their back. This can be done by cleaning then getting it to the back or snatching it to the back. 

With the bar on their back, the athlete must squat down until their hip crease is below the athlete’s knee. The rep is not completed until the athlete has reached full extension.

Hand Release Push-ups
Elbows must be locked out with the feet no wider than shoulder width. A straight body position must be maintained throughout the push-up.

 No snaking, sagging, or pushing up from the knees.

 The chest (nipple line or above) must touch the floor.

 Then the hands must be lifted completely off the ground.

Assault Bike for Calories
Athletes must stay on the bike until the calorie requirement is completed. The judge will reset the counter in between rounds.

Score: Fastest time

Workout #2 “Flipping Heavy”

(7 min time cap)

Buy in … 

50 KB Swings RX: #55/35, Scaled: #45/25

The kettlebell must start being held by the athlete, with arms fully extended. 

The rep is completed when the top side of the kettlebell reaches the athlete’s eye level.


Max Clean (Power or Squat Clean is acceptable)
During the clean, the barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted from the ground to 

The shoulders in one motion. A muscle clean, power clean, split clean, or squat clean may 

Be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the rack position on the shoulders. 

Score: The heaviest weight wins

Workout #3 “Throw it High, Lunge it Low”

(10 min time cap)

10 Alt DB Ground to Overhead RX: #55/35lbs, Scaled: #35/20
The weight must start touching the ground and ends when the athlete has the dumbbell locked out overhead with the weight centered over their spine and hips fully extended.

The athlete must switch sides on each rep. This can be done in the air or on the ground.

Any part of the dumbbell may touch the ground in between reps.

The athlete may not bounce the dumbbell on the ground. 

10 DB Front Racked Moving Lunges RX: #55/35’s lbs, Scaled: #35/20’s
The athlete must have the dumbells in a front rack position. The dumbells may not be touching and must be in contact with the hands at all times during the movement. 

The knee of the athlete’s back leg must touch the ground.

Before starting the next rep, the athlete must bring both feet back together.

Score: Most reps wins

Final: (20 min AMRAP)
  • The top 3-5 athletes from each category will make it to the finals.
  • Score: Fastest time
  • First Place competitor after the 3 rounds will start the final at 0:00 on the clock
  • Second Place competitor after the 3 rounds will start the final at 0:10 on the clock
  • Third Place competitor after the 3 rounds will start the final at 0:20 on the clock